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Do you ever this feel this weird feeling and weirdly remembering a stranger you saw on a bus? I know right this is just a random rant of a post but I don't I need an outlet. This sht's been bothering me I am goin' ecstatic for days since.

It was around April 1st, a seemimgly normal Monday afternoon and a normal day to go home. Around 5:15-ish in the afternoon, I rode a bus in Crossing Ibabaw / Ortigas to go home to Cavite, apparently there was no more sits so I had no choice but to stand. I can't exactly remember how it went but there was this woman who was sitting in the 2nd row of the bus. Anyway, apparently that gal's a hottie and fck I can somehow see my classmate in law school in her only she's more mature looking(probably bec. she's older) and oozing with sex appeal. Goddamn. Yeah, this ain't a lovestory. It'a a rant of a mid 20's virgin on heat because he saw an aphrodiac sex goddess.

Anyway, it was a normal way towards home and the conductor of the bus like always asks for the fare from the back so despite the fact that I was a bit in the back, I paid first. And shockingly, we are to go down in the same destination. Oh sht! What a coincidene, right?

There was actually a bit of commotion that night since like I've said she was sitting in the 2nd row, seats designated for PWDs, Seniors, and Pregnant women. While you can sit there, you must give way when there's those persons. I know this ain't funny but there was actually a pregnant woman standing and was later complaining because she do have the right for that seat but that woman was playing ignorant and pretending she didn't hear. Like I've mentioned, I was standing near her seat hence I'm aware of what was happening and somewhat smirking because of what was happening, idk, like btch stand up. But I guess we shouldn't judge people. That bitchy atttitude of hers got in my head in a weird sexual way. Oh, and that pregnant woman was able to sit because a senior fave way.

That journey, countless of repititions cycled through my different perverse thoughts of me dominating that woman. I tried to stop it by listening to an audiobook but my mind's already too preoccupied with surging thoughts. Though I probably look aloof, she probbaly notice since that whole trip she glance at least thrice at me. Oh yeah, since I wasn't able to listen I tried taking out my hand outs on a law subject and tried to read for a while. Article 4 - Criminal Liability, well, I don't know maybe I am about to do something stupid.

Well, it came to a point where we already needed to go down and I've noticed that she and my classmate had the same tone(?) /pitch of voice. It was a somewhat paos voice and not the usual high pitch sound most girl's make. I mean, yeah, I'm not so found of high pitches to begin with.

Well the next scenarios were uneventful, I cross the road and apparently she did do but we eventually parted ways since my next ride was a bit different from hers. She was going towards Las Pinas, I think? The tension was really tight I had to takr deep breaths in the cab.

I manage not to get off that night.

The next day, I did some OT so I guess I did not see her.

The following day, a Wednesday (or Thursday, I honestly can't remember haha) around the same time. Since I wasn't able to see her the day before I figured it was just not statistically probable for me to see her again because of all the times I was riding the bus home that was probably the first time I saw her, idk. But deep down in me I was hoping it would happen again and guess what? It did shit.

I was able to sit on the fifth row and I saw her rode the bus from Mega Mall or (Ortigas, idk) I thought I saw the wrong person since that person had a back tattoo ( I think it was a butterfly positioned a bit down her neck). Goddamn I was a bit happy that time that I think when she looked back a sparkle in my eye appeared lol. It was indeed her, sht bitch I missed you.

She transferred sits from the 2nd row from the driver's side to the same column I was in. I almost thought she would sit towards me but unfortunately the person I was sitting beside was bound for Cavite too. She sat in the 3rd sit.

The same scenario, my brain was drowning in perverse thoughts. I was actually sleepy so I slept for a while that day. I woke up and a while later, she was holding her phone in a weird way. I mean, it was ridiculously high I could see it from where I was. Probably just my imagination and it doesn't seem like she was calling anyone for a name to appear but I saw a name. And twice that happened. I didn't actually wrote the name during that time so I wasn't really 100% sure since well, idk, I was in a public space.

We did eventually go down and I tried to overtake her because it might look creepy for me to be walking from behind but I don't she wasn't really walking fast or she was walking slow rather. As if waiting for me to ask but too bad I have never once asked a girl for her number. At least personally haha sad

That night I went off. And I guess, it's been a week since.

Heck I am not even sure who is E. D (Similar to the current PH president's surname and yeah can't really disclosr). I did try to search that name but it was a ridiculously common name - for Mexican people lol -.

Well, whatever. But fck sht. HahaĆ½
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